Digital Real Estate

We make our best efforts to do everything we can for our customers to ensure that the IT part of the company can work securely and reliably.

Nowadays we can't imagine our life and business withoutIT technologies.

As the market is large, the solutions diverse and thecomplexity increasing, the importance of a reliable and competent partner ishuge.

Our team of highly qualified and competent employees willhelp you to make the daily handling of your IT as digital and uncomplicated aspossible.


The cloud  from Microsoft's high-availability data centers. Accessible worldwide and  based on the latest technology in terms of security and efficiency.

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Protection of customer's data is our duty. Using thelatest updates of Swisscom's datacenter, we provide the best quality ofsupport.

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We support ourcustomers in their operations:

·        Of their ownarchitecture and the construction and operation of IT infrastructure, whetherin the cloud or on-site.

·        Of their owndesign and implementation of network infrastructure.

·        By providingsupport organization and service desk consulting. In addition, we offer projectsupport for the design and implementation of IT systems.

·        In the rollout,management and maintenance of Windows clients.

·        In addition tothe design of a solution and its technical implementation, we remain thesparring partner to make IT outsourcing successful.


It doesn’t matter which problem shouldbe solved. Customers can reach us via telephone, e-mail, ticket system ordirectly on site, IT support will be happy to help you.

Our IT supportresponds individually to each of our customers, adding a personal touch to eventhe most hectic situations.

However, ourtask as IT support for our customers does not end with looking after day-to-daybusiness. As an IT partner, we support the further development of companieswith solutions and the optimization of work processes. As the customer, youdecide how much support and IT assistance you want from us.

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